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Rural Development

Our Rural Development Properties are located in:

Arcadia-Central Manor
consists of 40 ground-level, private-entrance units in 4 buildings on Gillespie St with a mixture of one and two-bedroom units in each building

Independence-Bugle Apartments
consists of 3 stair-only accessible two-story apartment complexes each with 8 two-bedroom units on Elm St

Pigeon Falls Apartments
consists of an
-8-unit one-story private-entrance apartment complex at 13130 Church St
-8-unit one-story private-entrance apartment complex at 40164 Winsand Dr
-Two-story four-plex at 40196 Winsand Dr and a Duplex at 39825 Winsand Dr

consists of Brookside: 12 two-bedroom units stair-only accessible two-story apartment complex at 35967 Claire St
-Hillside/Parkside: a 45-unit two-story apartment complex at 35924/35974 Claire St with elevator access for most of the units

Note: The Housing Authority of Trempealeau County(HATC) does not provide emergency or immediate housing. Waiting list applicants are required to report changes of phone number, mailing address and family composition.